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Point 1
What is the project about?

The Digital Shinto Project is one part of my ongoing doctoral research into how Shinto communities are growing online and around the world. In my research as a whole, I study how Shinto is:

  • Presented in media (like in the news, in anime and manga, and video games)

  • Using technology (like in social media, on Youtube, apps, and VR)

  • Promoted around the world (like through international organizations, cultural events, academic seminars, and international shrines)

  • Relates to other traditions (like Buddhism and Neo-Paganism)

This website is meant to be a hub, connecting people from all walks of life who are interested in Shinto to the communities and resources available online and offline.


This website is as much for Shinto communities as it is about Shinto communities. It is a place to ask questions, to share news and information and revelations, to learn more about the history of Shinto institutions, shrines, and deities, as well as to make academic research on Shinto available to the public.


If you would like to see something on the website that isn't here yet, please let me know! I would love to expand the website to make it more helpful for you.

Point 2
What does the study entail?

The Digital Shinto Project collects and shares information about Shinto through:

  • The Forum

  • Detailed resource pages which are constantly being updated (feel free to recommend things!)

  • My blog posts about upcoming or recent Shinto news and events and community members

  • A collaborative map of Shinto sites of interest around the world

  • Short surveys and polls (only anonymized end results are shared on this site)

  • Interviews (which are kept private and not shared on this site)

Poin 3

Participation in the Digital Shinto Project in any way--whether it be participating in the forums, short surveys and polls, or interviews--is completely voluntary.


You are encouraged to be as deeply or as casually involved as you like. Of course I would love for you to get involved so that we all have the opportunity to hear your voice and learn from each other, but please feel free just to visit. Have a look around, read some posts, drop a comment or ask a question or two!


This is a free and friendly space to share, learn, and grow!

Poin 4
how is my privacy protected?

As an anthropologist, I am legally and ethically responsible for protecting your privacy and minimizing any risk to participants.


Anyone can access the resources and blog posts on this website, but your privacy is protected in the forums, surveys, and interviews.

Only registered members can read and post in the forum. The information that you post in the forum is kept private within the community and cannot be found by outsiders.


Personal information is kept completely confidential in surveys, polls, and interviews.

All non-personal or unidentifiable content may be used as part of my study. If I would like to include your content in my research, I will contact you and ask if you would like to remain anonymous or if you would like credit for your contribution. No personal/identifiable information will be shared without your consent, period.

If you have any questions or concerns about the study or your rights and privacy, please contact me at

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