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Pandemic Post: More Content Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! I hope you and those you love are staying safe and healthy in the middle of *gestures around wildly* all of this.

As you may know, I was in Ise participating in a short study program at Kogakkan University when COVID-19 hit. A lot of our activities with our local hosts were cancelled due to shelter-in-place guidelines and the fact that we were a bunch of foreigners who had recently flown in from international airports. Our flights home were cancelled or rescheduled left and right in the final week. Once I finally got back to my university in California, within 48 hours the school shut down and I was on another plane home to be with family in upstate New York. Then I was in crazy cram mode for months in preparation for my weeks-long PhD exams, which I thankfully passed with highest distinction in June.

Now that I'm officially ABD (All But Dissertation), I now get to focus on my personal research full-time!

All this to say, get ready to see a lot more content on this site as I finish my series on my Ise adventures and start digging into new developments in Shinto, media, and technology!

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